Woman prays with officer who arrested her years ago: ‘God’s grace is so powerful’

When Misti Doyle reached rock bottom, the assistance she required came from an unexpected source: a police officer.

Her addiction led her to make bad decisions for years, many of which involved breaking the law. Misti hurt not only herself, but also the people she cared about. That’s why, when an officer showed her kindness and encouraged her, she saw it as the first step on her road to recovery.

A Hutchinson officer remembered a woman he arrested a while back. When the officer recognized her, he motioned her to the side and said a prayer for her. The surprised woman expressed her gratitude and posted about her experience on Facebook.

Misti Doyle posted a picture of her and Police Sgt. Truan, who were holding hands in prayer. She called the captured moment “amazing” and “impactful.”

Sgt. Truan was one of the police officers who arrested Misti on September 15, 2019. She was deeply addicted at the time. Sgt. Truan, on the other hand, did not see her as an addict. He even made certain Misti was at ease in the police car.

She said, “He made sure I had plenty of water to drink and spoke to me with respect, kindness, and compassion even though he still had a job to do. And I did get arrested that day.”

Kind Police Officer

The outstanding officer also encouraged Misti when she was so downcast with her failure. She did not forget what he told her. “People make mistakes,” he said. “We’re only human. It’s not the mistakes that we make, [but] it’s what we choose to do after those mistakes that really count.”

The now-Christian woman wanted to inspire others by how Sgt. Truan lived out Christianity.

“Although we’ve been on opposite sides of the law, this officer had nothing but the best intentions and wishes for me. Addiction is an ugly thing that not only affects the addict but also the family of the addict, the community, officers, and their families. But, most of all it affects all of our children.”

She went on to say that Sgt. Truan exemplified God’s grace and completely transformed her life.
Misti learned to respect others as a result, particularly police officers. Despite the fact that she did nothing but break the law, they showed her kindness and love.

Misti has come a long way since being arrested in 2019, as evidenced by the photo of her and Sgt. Truan praying together. What a wonderful reminder that no matter what we face in life, there will always be people willing to assist us in getting back on our feet.